Crowfly is the shortest distance from your Instagram photos to your products.

I love that! Where can I buy it?

Every Instagram photo tells its own story, but when someone falls in love with one of yours, where can they go to learn more? For the hundreds of photos youve shared, your single, solitary profile link is stuck directing all the traffic.

Crowfly helps you take it to the next level by building a landing page featuring your Instagram photos, customizable to match your style, with each photo linking directly to any URL you choose. Now, your profile link contains multitudes, and your followers can go from photo to product in record time. As the crow flies, you might say.

As easy as, well, you know.

We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on doing what you do best. Show or hide photos to keep your landing page up-to-date and only showing what you need it to. Details about all your Instagram photos are automatically imported. Plus, Crowfly is 100% hosted with no code required.

Take it to the bank.

Drive traffic and sales with surgical precision. Your landing page sends potential customers from Instagram directly where they want to go. No more searching, no more menus, no more guessing games. Less time looking for answers means more successful sales, and you can take that little piggy all the way home.

Analyze this.

The more you know, the more you know. No matter which analytics services you use, go from ___ visitors from Instagram to detailed stats about every photo and visitor by tailoring each photos outgoing link on your landing page. Connect the dots and discover whats hot, and whats not.

One, one, and done.

When it comes to retaining visitors and landing sales, every tenth of a second counts. Our landing pages are built to load in less than one second on an average mobile data connection, even faster on 4G or wifi. And after your visitors find the photo that captured their heart on your landing page, it’s just one tap to your site. Less friction, less waiting, more happy customers.

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four downloads of your live album · two hand-carved wooden spoons · one half-hour aura reading · two hand-sewn felt smartphone sleeves · three bags of fresh-roasted, Free Trade coffee beans · two hand-printed t-shirts · one artisan, well, anything

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